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PROLine - ADIRS Panel (Neo)

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Advanced ADIRS Panel (Neo) in full  P&P version. ...En savoir plus

Advanced ADIRS Panel (Neo) in full  P&P version.

Advanced ADIRS Panel (Neo), P&P tested and ready to work.

    • Panel layout and fittings are almost the same as HOMELine for easy replacement,
    • Fully configurable in SkalarkiIO Profiler*,

This unit is compatible with SKALARKI and Vier Im Pott OVHD structure.

Only with Professional License, Depends on simulation software capabilities.


14 days
SKALARKI Electronics Ltd products are in no way affiliated or endorsed by the aircraft manufacturers. Our simulation products are no genuine aircraft manufacturer parts and cannot be used for professional flight training without dedicated license. They functionally resemble the real parts, that cannot be used in a real aircraft and should only be used for simulation purposes. Usage different then home and hobby is not allowed without valid Commercial or Professional License. In case of doubts, Please contact us via email.
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