Latest version of SkalarkiIO Profiler 5.1 included new signed USBD driver for all SKALARKI devices. This is one only driver which can be used for all devices. New driver will not be removed after each major Windows update and needs to be installed for only one device. All other connected devices will install driver automatically.

To install new USB driver:
1. During installation process, please check Skalarki I/O USB Driver

SkalarkiIO Profiler USB Drivers

Driver files will be installed in SkalarkiIO Profiler installation folder, where we will point Windows once will ask for driver source.

2. Before installing new driver please remove drivers for all installed SKALARKI devices with their files. (If this is working simulator, might be good idea to wait for major Windows update, which will remove drivers anyway, then proceed with this procedure).

3. Windows might ask you to reboot after drivers removal. Then reboot system.

4. Go to Device Manager, where you should see list of Custom USB Devcies without driver.

5. Right click on first one from the list and then hit "Update Driver", then follow onscreen instructions. Use Profiler location for Windows to look for driver. You don't need to point to sub directory. Pointing to Profiler root folder will be enough.

6. Once driver is located, you will see this message:


Hit Install and driver will be installed without asking for permission in future.


7. Now reboot PC again and after that all other SKALARKI devices install their drivers automatically.