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I have been using Skalarki for about three years and things works very very nice, very affordable price with an excellent quality and support from Marcin is always available, you got responses always.
FDS has good products too, however they seems to be focusing in a bigger and more specialized market and their enthusiastic field seems to be reducing.
Also Skalarki is in constant development, you get new versions updates and compatibility with more and recent products, personally I reccomend it.


Great product - great value for money
We have just fitted an FCU, a MCDU and an ECAM panel, together with the interface board, to our Airbus shell. Worked almost first time we fired it up - Marcin was really fantastic and with a little help from him we now have a superb simulator.
Thoroughly recommended
Roger Cato
Commercial Director
Flightdeck Technology Ltd

25 The Point Road

Northern Ireland




A short letter of appreciation for the wonderful job that has been completed so far on my Fixed Base AIRBUS A320-232 Simulator. The workmanship is superb, with every part as good as, and sometimes better than, an Airbus original.
My order was the first the company had received for a complete Simulator, designed, built, delivered and commissioned on site, it included a Main Instrument Panel with FCU and EFIS units installed, a complete overhead panel and a centre console complete with 2 MCDU’s Thrust Levers, Flaps, Radios and Transponder, a really complete package. The only parts I supplied were the side consoles with Side Sticks, Tillers and Rudders with Computers and Visuals of course.
The entire experience has been a steep learning curve for both SKALARKI and myself but all issues were worked through in an efficient and timely manner. The products are very well made and function as desired, we are currently using FMGS Jeehell freeware for the displays and panels and again, the result is a pleasing experience.
I have kept the best to last, the customer service from Marcin at SKALARKI has been amazing, he is available for online support about 16 hours a day, or so it seems. Again, any small issues have been worked through quickly, often with Marcin remotely accessing my systems and resolving potential problems quickly and efficiently.


So, would I recommend SKALARKI? absolutely, anyone is free to Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo. directly or come and see my system, you will not regret purchasing your Airbus hardware from this company.


Philip Wright


Flying online as Shamrock 99 Victor (EIN99V)