Please be aware that +5V for TGauge should be taken from 5V backlight PSU! – Not from IO PSU.
This must be loaded into I/O board before Tgauge connections.
Please make sure you have downloaded new SkalarkiIO Profiler 4.0
Calibrating Servos in TGauge:
1. After upgrading Firmware, please disconnect PSU cable from IO.
2. Connect TGauge: 3 signal wires like in .pdf attached.
3. Connect PSU to TGauge
4. Plug PSU back – Now all servos should move and stop about middle position.  If they  are inside range proceed to point 6.
5. Repositioning Servos dials:
For different reasons like my mistake, pointer on servo can be outside acceptable range and in this case must be fixed mechanically. To do this follow instructions below:
- open back cover of TGauge
- remove two (it might be 4 sometimes) M2 screws which are holding front bezel and remove bezel,
- using fine screwdriver lift up pointers (arrows) to remove them from servo shaft – make it gently – no exceded force is needed!
- once all 3 are removed connect TGauge to IO  and connect PSU. Servos will run to predefined position,
- now put pointers back, but make sure they are showing middle of the range. There is no need to be to exact – more or less is enough as this can be software calibrated in next step,
- assembly all back and proceed to next step.
6. Calibrating servos:
- Servo event’s needs to be added as well in ProfileEditor for each servo. Make sure as Device you will use PEDESTAL or OVERHEAD where TGauge is connected
- open SkalarkiIO Profiler, EditProfile, Add 3 servo’s like any other devicess to profile, then go to Test
- drag slider to position “60” – then using “Offset” value make sure pointers showing middle of the range.
- then move slowly slider left to “0” position, but make sure dragging slider will not force dial to go below 0! Use “Offset value” to adjust dial exactly in “0” position with slider being in “0” position as well.
- Once “Offset” is correctly adjusted slider should move pointers from 0 to max position without any problems.
- If ready Save servo and assign event.
- Repeat procedure for all 3 servos