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10 Years of Experience in panels design and manufacturing.

SKALARKI electronics Ltd was formed in 2014 as a full-time company, after previous 5 years of hard work as a part-time business. At the beginning, our goal was providing low cost A320 home cockpit parts targeted at home users only. As the project grew in capability, we expanded and started to cater to businesses. In 2015 we bought our first CNC machine, DATRON M8 Cube, and this was the best business decision we made at that time. With new, small format laser machine, we could significantly increase the quality and volume of our production. Very quickly we turned our production from 50 panels per month to 200. In 2018 we upgraded our laser machine to a larger and faster one. Then, in 2019 we bought another CNC machine DATRON Neo, and again we managed to improve the quality and speed of the production. Now, our panels and custom electronics, done according to high quality standards, are used to build advanced flight simulators. We have a very large and growing customer base, selling to over 30 countries all over the world. We are proud to have members and customers from various continents and cultures, which shows that we are appreciated for the quality and durability of our products. These people are not only home users, but also real pilots, willing to stay as close as possible to their aircraft. They are based often in flight experience centres, and recently in flights schools and other professional training centres.

Panels design and fabrication

Any type of panel possible.
We are able to design and manufacture any custom panel. If you have any ongoing or future project, please contact us for a quotation. All panels are made in-house, using our high-quality equipment, including 2 CNC machines, a laser cutter/engraver, a spray gun and a powder coating chamber. READ MORE

3d modelling and CNC machining

Anything from design to prototypes.
We are running in-house powerful CAD/CAM station to handle the most complicated 3d modelling and rendering tasks. The system is based on the industry leading Autodesk software for 3d modelling, and CNC files generating. Our two high-end CNC machines can handle almost any job we need to manufacture. READ MORE

.Net software development

Related to simulation only.
The professional company cannot exist without a software development team. In our case, some of the work we are outsourcing, but the majority is done in-house. However, we are working with professional developers to make sure that our software is made to the highest standards and that it meets our users’ expectations. READ MORE

Embedded electronics design

We can help with custom orders.
The electronics design skills and an interest in micro controllers were important driving factors in creating our company. It all started from a simple I/O board design to interface a simple hobby panel. Now, we can design a whole range of devices for any cockpit/simulator and for any aircraft model. READ MORE