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A320 IO Overhead

SKALARKI I/O Overhead #3

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Latest technology USB based input/output board  ...Read more

Latest technology USB based input/output board 

Board especially designed for cockpit builders. Can be used with any cockpit project, however software part is focused on A320/A330. This I/O will drive complete OVERHEAD FWD+AFT section. Technical specification:

  • 256 multiplexed outputs PWM controlled 30mA each output can drive 2 led's in the same time,
  • 128 multiplexed inputs for Korry switches,
  • 144 inputs for toggle/rotary switches,
  • 1 lcd alphanumeric display (with additional extension board),
  • up to 32 7-segment displays (with additional extension board),
  • dedicated sockets for FIRE switch buttons input and outputs for led's,
  • dedicated output for Dimmer PRO,
  • dedicated outputs for DOME lights,
  • all cables for Korry's and switches included.
  • SkalarkiIO Profiler software is required.

Power supply is not included.


14 days
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