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A320 PROLine Full Shell Simulator

PROLine - Full Shell trainer

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PROLine - Table with Footrest
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PROLine Shell Trainer as complete solution. ...Read more

PROLine Shell Trainer as complete solution.

Most complex solution for commercial use. Delivered in P&P modules plus easy to assembly shell. Complet kit includes:

  • MIP and GLARE
    - 3mm aluminium frame painted to RAL 5008
    - A320-232 ISIS version MIP with Full HD quality lcd displays,
    - ABRK, Clock, T-Gauge, T on ND, EFIS Controls, Landing Gear,
    - PROLine FCU with both Glare wings,
    - Connectivity Kit (Powers Supplies and USB HUB),
    - Dummy table and foot rest,
    - MIP Flood lights Kit,
    - Table Flood lights Kit,
    - Console/Floor lights driver.
    - Aluminium box painted to RAL 5008,
    - Fake leather finish,
    - Rubber foot rest,
    - 2 x MCDU,
    - 2 x RMP,
    - 2 x PROLine ACP,
    - FLOOD Panel CS, FLOOD Panels F/O
    - ECAM,
    - ATC,
    - WX-RADAR,
    - Lower Pedestal with PROLine Gravity Gear, and Printer panel (no printer included),
    - PC to drive both MCDU,
    - LAN connection to the system,
    - Power Supplies and all cables.
    - Aluminium frame,
    - Overhead FWD panels with switch guards and DZUS fasteners,
    - Fully working guarded FIRE switches,
    - RMP STBY,
    - PROLine ACP STBY,
    - Overhead AFT panels with switch guards and DZUS fasteners,
    - Circuit Brakers panel with 16 simulated CB's - software controlled.
    - REFUEL Panel,
    - PUSH BACK Panel,
    - Software controlled Reading Lights and Pedestal flood light.
  • SHELL:
    - 3mm aluminium painted in RAL 5008 and 5014
    - acrylic windows,
    - fibre glass side windows,
    - interior lining kit,
    - cockpit lighting,
    - controlled dome lights,
    - 2 x PROLine Side Stick box with Real like Side stick mechanism,
    - 2 x PROLine Linked Rudder Pedals. 
  • SkalarkiIO Profiler software is required. 

Shell comes disassembled on the pallet with assembled pedesta, ovhd, MIP and Side Sticks.

Seats are optional and are not included in this offer.


30 days
SKALARKI Electronics Ltd products are in no way affiliated or endorsed by the aircraft manufacturers. Our simulation products are no genuine aircraft manufacturer parts and cannot be used for professional flight training without dedicated license. They functionally resemble the real parts, that cannot be used in a real aircraft and should only be used for simulation purposes.
Usage different then home and hobby is not allowed without valid Commercial or Professional License. In case of doubts, Please contact us via email.
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