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What is our Team Structure ?

Currently SKALARKI electronics Ltd has 9 full-time employees and we are working in two-shifts mode. Marcin Kapera, as the Managing Director, is responsible for the company. Kinga Kapera (the co-owner and wife) and Agnieszka Wisniowska (the manager), are responsible for the growth of the company, and its expansion to new markets. Our technical team with Radoslaw Cofalski, the Production Manager, takes care of a day to day tasks related to production, testing, quality control, and packing of the ready devices/panels.

Meet the Company Owners

Marcin Kapera

Managing Director
Founder of the company and brain behind the A320 project.

Kinga Kapera

Director and co/owner
Human Resources and Head Hunting.

Meet our Team Management

Radoslaw Cofalski

Production Manager
Production managing, service and support, Quality control.

Agnieszka Wisniowska

Office Manager
Office managing and exhibitions organisation.

Meet our Team Members

Miroslaw Szczurek

Production Operative
Rrsponsibilities: Hardware assembling, Air Gun Painting, Powder Coating.

Anna Cofalska

Assembly Operative
Responsibilities: Various assembling tasks along with Quality Control.

Miroslaw Kuklinski

Electronics Assembler
Responsibilities: Soldering, testing and programming, quality checks.

Lukasz Cofalski

Shop Floor Operator
Responsibilities: Various assembling tasks.

Dimitrie Plohotniuc

Electronics Technician
Responsibilities: Soldering and testing along with quality checks.

Maciej Sroczynski

Shop Floor CNC Operator
Responsibilities: To keep Laser and CNC machines going.

Radoslaw Mika

Shop Floor CNC Operator
Responsibilities: To keep Laser and CNC machines going.