As we are getting this question quite often, I have decided to explain the changes introduced some time ago. Major changes listed below should clarify all doubts regarding this topic:

  • SkalarkiIO Profiler is no longer available for free download. The Software is available ONLY for our users with the purchase history. The registration as a user to our website is not enough to get download link and/or free license.
  • Each User with the purchase history can order SkalarkiIO Profiler for free, using our shop. Simply, add the license to the cart and place an order. The License will be added to the account within 12 hours. Having SkalarkiIO Profiler in the purchase history will give the life time access to the latest download version. As we did our best to update our records, it might be the case that User details are not updated, and free license is not available. It this case, please contact us via email and we will update our records.
  • Assigned license can be found after log-in to the user account. In the Shop/My Shop/Serials. Download link is in Shop/My Shop/Downloads. If you are the user with the purchase history and license key is not visible, please contact us via email.