During the whole February we will deliver all orders without any delays. Delivery times will be reduced to minimum, as we want to make sure nothing or as few as possible orders will be left to process in March.

In March, we will be moving the whole company and we will have to close our usual business activities for about 5-10 days. As we will not be able to predict and control the whole process, please contact us first in case an order is urgent. Standard delivery time will be 30 days for this period. All our commercial customers will have the priority, then we will serve home users market. We would like to apologise for problems this might cause, but we will do our best to minimise any disruptions.

From 1st of April we should be fully installed in our new place and our usual business activity should be back to normal. We will write an update if something changes in the meantime.

SKALARKI electronics Ltd, Unit7
Our brand new Unit No.7