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Great News to all MSFS2020 users and fans. 

FlyByWire Simulations is a community-driven group created just before the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator, with the intent of increasing the realism of the Airbus A320NEO that is included with the sim. With a Discord presence more than 14,000 members strong, the team has been working non-stop to release updates and enhancements in an attempt to bring the A320NEO up to a study-level freeware aircraft.

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Due to the post Brexit regulations we had to change our domain name from .eu to .com
From today 10.12.2020 all our services runs under new domain name:
Please change your settings for website and emails as well.

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As we already know, the UK is leaving the EU on 01.01.2021 with no further extension or transition period possible.
That means major changes for our EU customers in the first place. No VAT will be charged, but the customers might need to pay local taxes or custom fees. As there is still a chance of reaching a deal between the UK and the EU, everything might change.

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As we are getting this question quite often, I have decided to explain the changes introduced some time ago. Major changes listed below should clarify all the issues regarding this topic:

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Dear customers, friends and supporters,

We hope you're keeping safe and well. As you are all aware, England has announced a new nationwide lockdown starting today (Thursday, 5 November). We, SKALARKI electronics Ltd, are a manufacturing company, then we will be working normally, with all the recommended precautions in place. During next 5 weeks and probably even till the end of the year, we will be posting orders only on Fridays. Please keep this in mind during ordering. If you have any urgent needs, please contact us before placing your order.

Stay safe and healthy!