SkalarkiIO Profiler 5.1 is an next version of Profiler 5 with some major updates and improvements. As previous version SkalarkiIO Profiler 5.1 dedicated for SKALARKI I/O boards and SKALARKI P&P devices only. Use and configuration is extremely easy and doesn't require to write even single line of code. Implemented SDK functionality gives to developers complete access to all devices from custom coded applications (Special licence is needed).

From user point of view version 5.1 can work in old style (using predefined profile and aircraft related .dll) or in SDK mode. As in version 5 all functions and events for specific aircraft are predefinein supplied .dll modules and ready to use at any time. User can install only one or more modules if needed. Having few modules allows to use different aircraft's at any time. Like in previous version along with .dll module installer will install corresponding profile. Please be aware, that supplied profiles are only for users with P&P hardware. For all non P&P hardware, user needs to create own profile.

Brand new features in Profiler 5.1:
- implemented licencing system, which gives access to different Profiler features based on licence keys, 
- signed USB driver one for all devices. Profiler is mandatory and it is free of charge for Home Users.

Any commercial aplication is allowed only after purchasing related Licence. All licences are available in our Online Shop here.