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Last moment to grab some hardware for discounted price. All orders placed till end of sale date will be delivered before Christmas the latest. All small hardware orders we will handle from stock with up to 7 days delivery time. All larger orders if time critical must be confirmed.

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Dear customers

We are 4 months after official Brexit already and now I can tell, that situation with shipments is getting better. New rules implemented from 01.01.2021 created a lot of problems, delays and extra costs for our customers. As we are always looking to satisfy our customers we were working on the solution which would make whole sale process as easy as it was before. There is some fundamental changes however most of them are not "visible" to our customers. Due to new regulations different rules apply to to private customers and different to businesses based in EU. We at SKALARKI electronics Ltd are committed to make whole purchase process as easy as possible and keep our prices on the same level.

Great News to all MSFS2020 users and fans. 

FlyByWire Simulations is a community-driven group created just before the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator, with the intent of increasing the realism of the Airbus A320NEO that is included with the sim. With a Discord presence more than 14,000 members strong, the team has been working non-stop to release updates and enhancements in an attempt to bring the A320NEO up to a study-level freeware aircraft.

Due to the post Brexit regulations we had to change our domain name from .eu to .com
From today 10.12.2020 all our services runs under new domain name:
Please change your settings for website and emails as well.

As we already know, the UK is leaving the EU on 01.01.2021 with no further extension or transition period possible.
That means major changes for our EU customers in the first place. No VAT will be charged, but the customers might need to pay local taxes or custom fees. As there is still a chance of reaching a deal between the UK and the EU, everything might change.

Design und Herstellung der Panele

sub title
Wir sind in der Lage, jedes kundenspezifisches Panel zu entwerfen und herzustellen. Wenn Sie ein laufendes oder zukünftiges Projekt haben, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte und wir machen Ihnen ein Angebot. Alle Panele werden bei uns mit unseren hochwertigen Geräten hergestellt, darunter 2 CNC-Maschinen, ein Laserschneider / Graveur, eine Sprühpistole und eine Pulverbeschichtungskammer. READ MORE

3D-Modellierung und CNC-Bearbeitung

sub title
Wir betreiben eine leistungsstärke CAD / CAM-Station im Haus, um die kompliziertesten 3D-Modellierungs- und Rendering-Aufgaben zu erledigen. Das System basiert auf der branchenführenden Autodesk-Software für die 3D-Modellierung und die Generierung von CNC-Dateien. Unsere beiden High-End-CNC-Maschinen können nahezu alle Aufgaben erledigen, die wir zur Herstellung benötigen. READ MORE

.Net software development

sub title
Ein professionelles Unternehmen kann ohne ein Team von den Programmierern nicht existieren. Die meiste Arbeit wird intern erledigt, nur einen Teil lassen wir von den Mitarbeiter anfertigen. Wir arbeiten nur mit professionellen Entwicklern zusammen, um sicherzustellen, dass unsere Softwaren den höchsten Standards entsprechen und die Erwartungen unserer Benutzer erfüllen. READ MORE

Design für eingebettete Elektronik

sub title
Die Fähigkeiten im Bereich Elektronikdesign und das Interesse an Mikrocontrollern waren wichtige Faktoren für die Gründung unseres Unternehmens. Alles begann mit einem einfachen E / A-Board-Design für die Schnittstelle zu einem einfachen Hobby-Panel. Jetzt können wir eine ganze Reihe von Geräten für jedes Cockpit / Simulator und für jedes Flugzeugmodell entwerfen. READ MORE

Was unsere Kunden über uns gesagt haben

I have been using SKALARKI for about five years and things works very very nice, very affordable price with an excellent quality and support from Marcin is always available, you got responses always. FDS has good products too, however they seems to be focusing in a bigger and more specialised market and their enthusiastic field seems to be reducing. Also SKALARKI is in constant development, you get new versions updates and compatibility with more and recent products, personally I recommend it.
Adonis: Private User
Great product - great value for money. We have just fitted an FCU, a MCDU and an ECAM panel, together with the interface board, to our Airbus shell. Worked almost first time we fired it up - Marcin was really fantastic and with a little help from him we now have a superb simulator. Thoroughly recommended
Roger Cato: Flightdeck Technology Ltd
I got phone calls and emails with Mr Marcin Kapera and I can assure you, he's absolutely thrustworthy, friendly, professional and all that he said has been real and honored in time! Perfect delivery quality to France and the hardware is exactly as i was expected. I highly recommend this company because it is the cheapest professional hardware existing and they are serious, totally trustworthy and they do their best to arrange the client.
Stephane Simonetti: Private user
I have just recently (nov 2018) got my Skalarki production consisting of overhead, mip, glare and pedestal items. This has been an ongoing project for two years. It´s my pleasure to give Marcin Kapera, director and his team my highest recommendation for the items they design and produce and not the least the quality of service - which is simply high end and very comparable with service expected by customer from companies in totally different sectors and were I do have experience such as Leica Germany, BMW and Toyota.
Árni Stefán Árnason: Private User
That must be said! Excellent service. High quality products. And super awesome support, super fast, super friendly and very patient! I can only recommend to anyone !!! I wish there were more vendors like Skalarki! Thank you for the great care.
Jonny Kuehnel : Private User

Jedes Jahr haben wir immer mehr zufriedene Kunden aus allen Kontinenten. Unsere Hauptgruppe sind immer noch Heimanwender, und wir freuen uns sehr darüber, da dies unsere Zielgruppe war, als wir 2008 unser Unternehmen gründeten. Wir konzentrieren uns jedoch auf den professionellen Markt, und dies ist der Bereich, in dem wir uns gerade befinden und in dem wir in der Zukunft expandieren werden. Wir sind stolz darauf, dass unsere Geräte sowie in verschiedenen Unterhaltungszentren als auch in den Flugschulen stark vertreten sind. In diesem und im nächsten Jahr werden viele neue Geräte auf den Markt kommen, um die breite Nachfrage nach Flugsimulatoren abzudecken.

Our Capabilities

  • Panels design and fabrication
  • 3d modeling and CNC machining
  • .NET Development
  • Embeded electronics design
  • Sheet Metal work design and fabrication
  • Mechanical design and development

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